Presentations and workshops, such as:

  • Workshops around the Education Toolkit, in Breda, Assen, Tbilisi en Seoul, 2018
  • ‘What’s in a name; Talking about museum education and cultural action – words and meanings reflecting views on our profession’, ICOM/CECA Tbilisi, September 2018, and updated version in Seoul, October 2018. See text and ppt.
  • Trainings for primary school teams in Utrecht about several themes, for example on ‘Do more with your cultural environment’ and ‘Enhancing creative skills’.
  • Workshop Museum texts, Kennisdag (information exchange day), Utrechts Archives, June 2018.
  • Workshop on a dynamic approach towards cultural heritage  (‘heritage literacy/wisdom’), both in Utrecht province  (2017/2018) and in Lisbon (April 2018).
  • Training on guiding skills for museums, other heritage organisations, open churches, but also for guiding in nature and in cities. 
  • Training Hospitality for museums and other heritage organisations.
  • Training in dealing with school classes for museums and other heritage organisations.
  • DICHE Menu of scenarios and Digital tools supporting Cultural and Heritage Education’, presentation ICOM/CECA Londen, 2017.
  • ‘Inside outside & vice versa’, on cooperation between museums and their (cultural) environment, ICOM/CECA Milan, 2016.
  • Design of series of workshops/lessons about dealing with school classes, teaching three modules myself, 2016 en 2017.
  • ‘Help! No educator in the house… How local museums manage to be accessible for schools’, Poster presentation ICOM/CECA Washington, 2015.