Education Toolkit

For my lectures at the Reinwardt Academy I published a practical booklet describing 18 methods of museum/heritage education. The English version can be downloaded here or at the CECA website.

The French ‘Petit Manuel di Médiateur Culturel’ is available for free download here or on the website of ICOM Belgique/Wallonie-Bruxelles. CECA-member Nicole Gesché-Koning took care of the translation, ICOM Belgique made this publication possible. You just have to fill in your name, email and location (so ICOM Belgique will be able to know where in the world people are interested in this French version) and the download starts automatically.  

On September 25. 2018, during the ICOM/CECA 2018 conference in Georgia, also a Georgian version of the Education Toolkit was presented, prepared by Inga and Lana Karaia and others, on behalf of ICOM Georgia. Arja felt very honoured by their initiative! The picture shows CECA-president Mila Chiovatto and me with the Georgian Education Toolkit.
The Georgian version can be downloaded from the website of the Georgian Museums (see red marking on the print screen of this website). Or click here.

The Dutch version can be downloaded here.

Around the Education Toolkit I deliver workshops on the many methods you may apply in museum/heritage education.